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Art Attack

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Meet my friend… 16 yr. old, Gavin Pugh

Gavin Pugh

Gavin’s talent and creativity are bigger than his adorable dimples!

gavin pugh artist rayguns

I recently bought one of his super cool Ray Guns made with found objects.  I plan to have an acrylic box built so that I can display it on the wall with some of my other favorite pieces of art.  His guns are straight up “George Jetson” and I love em!

Gavin ray gun art

ray gun art gavin pugh

I’m blown away by Gavin’s talent and devotion to his craft!  On a recent ‘picking’ trip with his mom, Dana Pugh of Tattered Style, we kept in mind his need for specific parts and I can’t wait to see how he uses what we found in his creations…

ray gun found objects arts

Contact Gavin here and find his shop, 1920 Raygun, here.