Wrap It Up

July 31st, 2013

Oh, Diane!  You had me at wrap dress!

diane von furstenburg-wrap dress-the-hidden-list

Recently Diane Von Furstenburg opened up her estate and vintage archives to vintage fashion blogger, Natalie Joos.  I’m totally green with envy!  Her collection had never been shared before… and I think it’s exceptional…but what else would we expect from DVF!

Diane von Furstenburg-vintage-collection

I love the way the trend of mixing patterns is “spot on” with the pieces from her previous work.  Oh, and don’t miss the incredible floor to ceiling bookshelves in von Furstenburg’s library in the background…

Diane von Furstenburg vintage collection

vintage von Furstenburg

The bag…swoon!

vintage Diane von Furstenburg-vintage collection

vintage-von furstenburg

Diane von Furstenburg-vintage-collection-lipstick-sculpture-carving-art

Doesn’t this giant lipstick make you want to chop on a tree?

Listen to the wisdom in Diane’s words…  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for her!

See the rest of the store about the shoot here.

Mark Your Calendar – Gypsy Wagon

April 10th, 2013

Join Gertie-A-Go-Go, The Gypsy Wagon‘s Airstream, and many of their friends for The Gypsy Wagon’s Spring Swap and Flea on Sunday, April 21!


The Gypsy Wagon says there will be “massive crazy deals” in a “bargain hunters paradise” including  a “mess of sussies” and “retired store displays” (and you know how good those are!). **Dare you to beat me there!**


Be on the look-out for a little taste of Stash making an unexpected last-minute appearance to unload some “lost our mind” deals to make space for new inventory for our next market gig!

Oh, and come with an empty stomach because Ruthie’s Rollin’ Cafe and their customizable grilled-cheese sandwiches…


…and Dallas favorite cupcakes, Trailercakes, will be there to fill your tummy while you collect your treasures!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Is there something you’re looking for that I need to include in our Stash sale?  What are you searchin’ for?


Road Trippin’ – Texas Antique Week Adventure

April 9th, 2013

Don’t you love making memories?  I sure enjoyed making one last Monday when I did a day trip…that’s right, 8 hours round trip… to Round Top for Texas Antique Week with two of my favorite people…two of my three Stash partners, Gloria and Dana.  We missed Lisa, but understood that attending the Country Music Awards trumped a trip to our favorite flea market this time!


I couldn’t bear missing the opportunity to have lunch with Bud Royer, eat some pie and get filled with inspiration from Carley Seale, owner of Dallas’ The Gypsy Wagon at Dallas Market Center’s Private Bloggers Luncheon.  My friends, Dana Pugh of Tattered Style and Gloria Burson of A Modern Glo, spent the night with me on Sunday night so we could head out early to be there in time for this event.


I did a horrible job of taking pictures during the luncheon because I was so mesmerized with all of the beautiful pictures that Carley shared of her home, and a couple of her friends and family’s homes, that are filled with wonderful bits from Round Top…each having their own story.

After lunch we were ready to hit the fields to see what kinds of treasures we could find…


My favorite find of the day was this precious pointer trophy that will forever remind me of my sweet Princess that I lost recently.  I plan to frame one of my favorite pictures of her and I think this should sit somewhere near.  What a treat for $5!  Find similar on Ebay here.


My other purchase of the day was this $8 vintage Pyrex glass beaker.  I have a set of three that I purchased a few years ago at Anthrolpologie and they are perfect for fresh cut flowers!  This tiny 125 ml version will act as a bud vase to use on the bedside table in my guest room the next time I have overnight visitors!  You can find a similar beaker on Etsy here.

I was blown away by a “first time vendor” seen beside Zapp Hall, REVELation Decor ,out of Belton, TX.


This couple’s eye for color and ombre paint effect is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I’m quiet confident we’ll be seeing lots more of them!  The painting technique looks like lacquer, but it’s not!  (I won’t give away their secret!)  These are such fun “statement pieces”!  Please try to contain yourself and not fill your house full of them!  One room can only handle so much vibrance!  That’s why they call them statement pieces…You only need one per room!



Before heading to our event at 7pm, Gloria shared Festival Hill with Dana and I.  OhhEmmGee!  I felt like I had been magically transported to a European cottage…but the reality was that it was a minute off of the road in Round Top!


I had no idea that students from conservatories and universities from around the world pursue their musical studies at this beautiful place in Round Top under the guidance of an impressive international faculty.  Who knew?  Read the rich history of this beautiful institute here.  It’s at the top of my list of places to stay in the near future!





We ended the long day with an event in Round Top presented by our friends at Dallas Market Center.  There was food (including lots of Royers pie), drink and an impressive fashion show from Rodeo Royalty.  Adorable boho fashion…Texas style!  Follow them on FB here.


In true Stash Girl style, we shut the party down and headed back to Dallas around 10pm.  We were exhausted when we got home very early in the morning, but it was so worth the memories!

Did you make it to Round Top this Spring?  What was your favorite find?  How do you incorporate your finds into your home?

Follow me on Instagram to see more pics from the trip!

Art and Soul – Blue Print art show

March 7th, 2013

Mark your calendars for March 15th and 16th!  One of my favorite design stores, Blue Print, is hosting an art show that features art couple, Signe and Genna Grushovenko.


After reading their resume in preparation to share this event with you, I’ve fallen in love with this couple’s technique.  Born of a love of old posed photographs, Signe and Genna combine both abstract and figurative techniques to create a finished product with high emotional content.


In Signe’s words, here is their unique process of collaboration…

“Partners in both life and art, Genna and I have been collaborating for nearly ten years.

Our process begins when Genna creates rich, tonal underpaintings on supports of primed linen, canvas, or Masonite. The underpaintings start with a layer of acrylic color, sometime sprayed, sometimes rolled, sometimes brushed. Once the acrylic layer is dry, he applies small amounts of oil pigment mixed with copious amounts of mineral spirits. The colors are applied wetly with house paint brushes with the canvas standing. The canvas is then rotated and more layers are applied and allowed to run into one another. When satisfied with the design and palette of each individual piece, Genna lays it on its back and allows it to dry.


When I am ready to paint, I go to my supply of underpainted supports and select one. I then choose an image from my collection of vintage photos that will mesh well with the style and palette of the underpainting. Using the photo as reference, I execute a drawing in oil pastel and complete the painting in oil.


Collaborating with Genna has influenced my work in many ways, pushing me to work with textures and colors I would have never chosen for myself. The final results of our art partnership are multi-layered paintings with deep surfaces, crisp at first glance but rewarding the careful viewer with an undercurrent of complex tonality and colorplay.


I am grateful to Genna for bringing to my work the same sweet richness he’s brought to my life. ~Signe ”

I cannot wait to see this exhibition in the beautiful surroundings of Blue Print!  I plan to go on the 16th…  Please join me!

Market Madness, Part 1

January 26th, 2013

Last weekend

cialis low price

was one of two weekends that I approach during the year with mixed emotions each time it rolls around.  Preparing and working my fun side business, Stash Vintage Finds, with three of the most inspiring and creative women  I’ve ever met, is exhausting and invigorating!  Like birthing a baby (not that I know what that’s about), we anticipate it’s arrival and yet are always so happy it’s over!  Gloria of  A Modern Glo, Dana of Tattered Style, and Lisa Johnson of Cut and Paste and I have become a family, of sorts…each adding our unique talents to somehow make it all work.


We have made great friends with our return customers and fellow vendors from across the country.  It’s always exciting to see who will be our neighbor, as often times vendors move around.  This time we loved being beside Ralph, an amazing art dealer.  (You can imagine…I wanted to take home half of his abstract inventory to add to the stack of art I have on my floor because I have no more wall space!)  He put up with our antics and even joined in our rowdy behavior, so we were happy to have him take a fun party pic with us as we celebrated the return of one of our best customers, Jenny…a photographer from McAllen that always snags some of our favorite finds as props for her studio.


Not doubt about it…Jenny makes a grand entrance AND exit!  We were so envious of her uber-cool steampunk glasses and the fact that she got to take home our amazing retro Philco TV!

We have a limited space, so as we sell finds, we have to restyle and merchandise our space…. so there’s never a dull moment.  Here’s how the corner of our spot started out when the doors opened on the first day…



…and this is how it looked after two days…


Totally different looks, right?  It’s so much fun!!  Junk-deal’in at it’s best!


We have plans to bring something totally new to market next time, so stay tuned!

Since I was fortunate enough to be asked to be on the host committee of Dallas Market Hall’s Sneak Peek, my time was divided during the weekend between Market Hall and the World Trade Center in some of Dallas’ best showrooms checking out design trends and spending time with some of my favorite blogging friends.  More about that in Market Madness, Part 2!


That's A Wrap!

December 14th, 2012

Another Friday! I love it! I hope that you all have something special this weekend that will bring you Christmas cheer and allow you to spend time with friends that you love!

Here are some of my favorite links for the week!

reindeer-hair do

Every little girl with

cialis daily

long hair needs a reindeer hairdo for Christmas!

These cranberry bliss bars look delish!

Apple Pomegranate Spritzer

I can’t wait to serve this at my next gathering!!

Now that’s what I call first class!

Cutest baby booties ever!

meso maya restaurant

Meso Maya – One of my new favorite restaurants in Dallas!

This app should help me get uber organized in 2013!

Chalkboard packaging tied up with string….


Anyone up for a glamping trip?

You have to admit…Will and Kate are pretty gorgeous!

Great gift for any guy on your list! Under $100!

I’m still crazy about interesting matchboxes and luxury candles as the best hostess gift this year!

Maybe I have an obsession with fire…I want this!

Ya’ll have a great weekend!




December 11th, 2012

You all know, I’m all about keeping it simple. Here are a few easy holiday ideas that I think fall into the exceptional and easy category!

olive christmas wreath

Rosemary wreath with olives, mozzarella balls and peppers! via

snowman baby for Christmas

Is this not the cutest Christmas baby pic you’ve ever seen? The hardest thing to put this together would be finding a top hat to fit a baby. I’ve found some here. via

clothespin snowflake DIY

Anyone can do this easy DIY using a few clothespins! Use these snowflakes on packages and your tree! Add glitter for a pretty shimmer!

hot chocolate stirrers

Find these red and white drinking straws here and find out how to put these hot chocolate stirrers here!

christmas card or vintage photo display

Simply beautiful way to display Christmas cards or old family photos of Christmas past…

peppermint in silver

Keeping peppermint readily available to stir your coffee or cocoa looks beautiful in a few silver,

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or pewter, containers and placed on a tray.

candles in epson salt and mason jars

Epsom salt, a candle and a Mason jar… welcome your guest by lining these on the path to your front door or down the center of your dinner table on top of craft paper…

cream cheese appetizer, Christmas tree

Cut a cube of Phil. cream cheese at a diagonally and arrange on a plate to form a triangle. Add your favorite preserves or marmalade…(I prefer jalapeno jelly!) and garnish! Serve with your favorite crackers. via

For more Christmas ideas check out my Pinterest board here.

How Bazaar!

December 7th, 2012

Get your handmade and vintage shopping

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fix tomorrow at the Jingle Bells Bazaar!

buy cialis online

” rel=”attachment wp-att-16558″>Jingle Bells Bazaar poster

Brought to you by Indie Genius!

That's A Wrap!

November 30th, 2012

Happy Holiday Friday!!  It’s the beginning of “party season”, so I thought I would start with a little inspiration…

ugly christmas sweater

Quiet possibly the ugliest Christmas sweaters ever!

These engagement pictures will make you want to fall in love all over again!

If you’re an amateur baker that’s looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, then you’ll want to go to this casting call!

no heels in dallas park

Only in a downtown Dallas park, right?

Who wants to make these glittery Christmas cookies?

champagne and rock candy

Champagne and rock candy…they just go together, no?

patterned paint roller

These patterned paint rollers are amazeballs!  Wouldn’t it be fun to paint your own wrapping paper on craft paper with these?  Love ‘em!

I love typography, so this article about typographers and their handwriting was interesting…


buy cialis

forget about the festivities going on this weekend, if you’re in Dallas!  Hope to see you there!!

Until next week…  XO!


Mark Your Calendar!

November 28th, 2012

Here are four fun events in Dallas that you’ll not want to miss!

Here’s where I’ll be tomorrow night!  The girls at The Gypsy Wagon know how to throw a party and tomorrow night they’ll be donating 15% of all

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sales to Dwell With Dignity!  Grab your friends and knock out some of that Christmas shopping and feel good about helping families escape poverty and homelessness through design.Gypsy Wagon Give Party

Get all of your Christmas shopping done this Saturday at The Dallas Flea!  Check out their Facebook page to get a sneak peek of the vendors that will be there!

Dallas Flea

After you complete your shopping at The Flea, head to the Bishop Arts District for Jingle Bells on Bishop!  Word on the street is that “The Big Man” will make an appearance, so get your list ready and be prepared to do some explainin’ about your behavior this year!

Belt It Out poster, Jingle Bells on Bishop

…and who doesn’t like a little wine to while they shop to help the pain of your declining bank account drift away!  Join all of the locally owned shops in the Bishop Arts District for the monthly Wine Walk!

Wine Walk

If you have’t visited the Bishop Arts District lately, you’re missing some of Dallas’ best restaurants and some of the most unique shopping in the metro-plex!

I hope to see you at a few of these events!  Let the holiday celebrations begin!

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