All That Glitters

March 7th, 2014

We should all have something in our closets that deserve a sequin hanger, no?



What would you hang on your sequin hanger?

Find yours here.

Pic Me!

November 21st, 2013

I’m a huge fan of Stickygram, so I’m super excited that we are teaming together to spread the word about the best in bringing your Instagram photos to life!


I love the idea of creating personalized stocking stuffers by picking those perfect Instagram images taken throughout this year and creating magnets for all of your friends and family!


It’s SO easy!  Simply go to the StickyGram site, connect your Instagram account, create your product and enjoy free shipping anywhere in the world!


Chose from iPad covers…


iphone covers…


and my favorite…magnets!  Stay tuned for more products coming soon!  Check out the new Stickygram button on the right of this blog page and go directly to their site to start creating your unique collection!

To celebrate our new partnership, enjoy $2 off your first order by entering this exclusive code:  STICKYPIN

Make A Wish

October 7th, 2013

What I want this week…



Make A Wish Pocket Notebook, $10

Shard To Resist

September 20th, 2013

I’m currently coveting these sculptural mood lights from Score + Solder



Each piece is hand-made to order and crafted like traditional stained glass.  See all of their lighting options here.

Makin’ A List

September 16th, 2013

I’m pretty sure this product was made for me!  (Wow, that sounds narcissistic!) I’m a list-maker and making an e-list just won’t do!  I have to physically write it down and draw a line through it to get complete satisfaction of tackling the task!  There’s just no “app for that” that gives me that feeling of completion!


Now, if someone would just invent the ultimate little mechanical pencil that magically attaches to your iPhone…


What about you?  Do you have to “write it down’?

Find Paperbacks here!

Draw To A Close

August 13th, 2013

Curtain Co. is closing their Dallas showroom and moving to a corporate office (sans samples, etc.) at the end of the month.  They  have The Curtain Exchange Limited Editions (lots of ready made curtains in all sizes and lengths-(  at the current office in the Dallas Design District starting on August 19th! Curtain Exchange


Carried Away!

July 12th, 2013

I’ve really gotten lazy about carrying my good Nikon camera lately.  I’m an admitted iphone camera app junky, so why schlep around the heavy camera in the awkward camera case?

Well…the looks of this camera case could have me taking my Nikon out on a daily basis… just to showcase this good-looking Bowery bag from Ona!





This Italian-tanned leather case is exactly what I would want if I designed my own!  It’s stylish and versatile…full of compartments to store an extra lens and all of the little extras you need on a day of shooting!  The bag means business!


bowery_antique_cognac_lifestyle1_thehiddenlist bowery_antique_cognac_lifestyle4_3


Find all of the details about this versatile bag here.


Kowabunga! : Longboard stroller

June 25th, 2013

It’s the item that all cool parents will soon have on their wish list…

For now, the Longboard Stroller is a concept, but with baby mobility leader, Quinny’s, strong focus on the half of the world’s population that live in urban areas, it’s sure to hit the market soon!  Just one more thing that will make it easy for hip parents to “keep it urban” and not “cave to the burbs”!





Keep up with the Longboard Stroller’s road to the market here.

Off The Leash! – smart dog leash

May 30th, 2013

Carrying a flash light and a dog leash can be an act of extreme coordination if you have an active pooch, so having a multifunction leash could be the difference between a beautiful walk in the park with man’s best friend and a frightful fight with the devil dog himself!


Fred Flare says, “…it’s the swiss army knife of dog leashes…”


The smart dog leash includes a basic retractable leash and ergonomic handle…


a dog treat container…


an LED flashlight…


an LCD clock…


and a place to store baggies.


What more could you ask for?  Well…now that I’ve asked, it would be pretty cool to include a pedometer just for kicks! (Just contact me for that portion of my great idea pay-off!)


Do you have a dog-lovin’ Dad?  This may be the perfect Father’s Day gift!  Find it here for $26!

So Shady – House of Chintz

May 10th, 2013

Every now and then I like to stroll through Etsy and Ebay and search for great deals on art.  I’m not sure why I do this because I have a stack of art sitting in my living room that I have no wall space to display!  OK…Sorry about the digression…  During my search today I stumbled across these beautiful lamp shades from House of Chintz on Etsy.  Not exactly what I was looking for, but such a pleasant find!

house of chintz,easy,the hidden list

The artist, Kate Boyce, grew up in Middle England and these shades are a light hearted look at this suburban area.  I think they’re beautiful!


house of chintz-thehiddenlist-etsy

thehiddenlist-house of chintz