Cut & Paste

March 10th, 2014

What 4-yr-old little girl doesn’t like a princess dress?  I’m inspired by this little princess that, with the help of her mom, has taken her love “dress up” to a whole “nutha level” with the help of a little paper and scissors!


The dress (above) was made completely on her own…without the help of mom!


Mom says most are a 50/50 effort between the two, but Mayhem (what the 4 yr-old is called by her mom) is learning some pretty amazing construction skills considering her age!  For instance, she knows exactly how much construction paper it takes to make a top.  Impressive!


Mayhem and her mom find inspiration everywhere, like trips to the aquarium…


storybook characters….


and my favorites, the red carpet…


and the runway…


I’m totally smitten with Mayhem and think she has quiet a future!

Read the rest of the story here and follow Mayhem and her mom on Instagram here.  And since you’re adding to those you follow on Instagram, don’t forget about me!  Find me here!

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Celebrate Freedom!

July 4th, 2013

Happy 4th, ya’ll!  I hope you don’t let the day go by without counting your blessings.  It’s easy to focus on the things that we wish were different in our government, but today let’s all be thankful for our great country!

Enjoy some of my favorite pins from my “Independence Day” Pinterest board.  I hope you’ll follow me!

July 4th pendants-The Hidden List blog

July 4th matchbox printables-The Hidden List blog

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July 4th fireworks-coastal-The Hidden List blog

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Pinterest boards found here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

Be safe, lovelies, and enjoy the celebration!

Bitter Sweet – Monday Morning Inspiration

May 20th, 2013

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Made My Day – TY from Carley

May 7th, 2013

I recently got an email from my friend, Carley Seale, owner of one of my favorite spots, The Gypsy Wagon, and the message made my day.  The reason I write this blog is to share things that I find exceptional and when I hear that something I have posted has “struck a chord” with you, it brings me great joy!

Carley’s email came to me after yesterday’s post about the wooden height ruler…  Here’s what she said…

**”I just left a comment, but I am totally ordering this!

Also, I wanted to tell you Johnny is ordering a signature necklace for me for Mother’s Day. I have a letter from my mother that she wrote me on my 18th birthday. It is subscribed to “Dearest Carley” in her perfect handwriting. That is what we are using for the signature. I thought you would like that! :)

Love the Hidden List!

What an amazing idea!!  How dear to wear the unique handwriting of a loved one…

I just had to share this with you guys while the post about the signature necklace is relatively fresh…

If you find something on my blog that “speaks to you”, please let me know.  It will help guide my search for more exceptional things that you’ll enjoy!

Thank you, sweet Carley, for sharing this with me!  This is what keeps my blogging!

If you’re looking for a great gift for Mom for Mother’s Day, head to The Gypsy Wagon!


Through Friday, May 10th, you’ll be able to enter your Mama in the “$500 Make Over My Mama” contest!  The winner will receive a private styling appointment with a Gypsy Wagon stylist, a new outfit, a haircut and style from Halo Salon, and a Big Reveal Party for the winning mom and her family!  How fun is that?

There’s something for everyone at The Gypsy Wagon, so don’t delay!

Egg-straordinary: Easter egg decorating

March 26th, 2013

Have you ever wondered why we decorate eggs for Easter?  Well, I’m not sure why I’ve never thought about this, but I decided to look into it…


I discovered that it’s a symbol of “New Life”!  I’m not sure why I never thought about this before!  Growing up in a Christian home, I knew that Easter was about celebrating Christ’s resurrection and just thought of the Easter bunny as the “Santa” of Easter…  I never thought about the reason behind the tradition of Easter eggs…


In Christianity, the egg symbolizes the empty tomb of Jesus.  The egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb…a bird hatches from it with life!  Similarly the Easter egg is a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave and that those who believe will experience eternal life.


I hope that this will cause you to look at the time you put into making your eggs beautiful a bit differently!






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Do you make beautiful Easter Eggs?  Please send me pics of your eggs so I can share them with THL readers! What are your favorite Easter traditions?

Better Together – 21 Swings

March 21st, 2013

What a beautiful display of achieving more together than separately.

Read more about this beautiful installation in Montreal here.










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Spend Thrift – Whole Foods Community Giving Day

March 13th, 2013

Dallas-area friends,

Hold off on that monster grocery shopping trip until March 19th!  Whole Foods Market Lakewood will be giving 5% of the days net sales to Dwell With Dignity!



Find location and hours of operation here.  Be sure and stop by the Dwell With Dignity table and say hi!

Funds will go to support the upcoming Thrift Studio on April 18th through May 18th.



Shopping and giving at it’s best!  Now I’m off to make my grocery list!

Wednesday Wisdom – Phil 4:8

March 13th, 2013


What’s on your mind?


Private Bloggers Luncheon – April 1

March 12th, 2013

I have another great opportunity for all of my blogging buddies!  It’s time for another inspiring Bloggers Luncheon at Royers Round Top Cafe in Round Top, Texas!


I’m so excited that this luncheon will feature my precious friend, Carley Seale, owner of The Gypsy Wagon in Dallas.  You’ll love her story about how she grew-up going on adventures to Round Top with her beloved mom and how it influenced her life today.  I adore Carley and you will too!


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This event will be the third Round Top blogging event and it just keeps getting better!  We always look forward to Bud Royer‘s delicious fare with the highlight being Bud’s world-renowned piece of decadent pie for dessert!

lunch benifiting Dwell with Dignity and Royers Cafe-the-hidden-list

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I would love to see some of the bloggers that attended the first event at Rachel Ashwell’s beautiful residence and B&B, The Prairie.  Let’s have a reunion, lovelies!

video via

As you know, space is limited so please secure your space here quickly!  I can’t wait to see you there!  Let’s make another memory!!

Design Bloggers Conference 2013

March 11th, 2013

My third trip to the Design Bloggers Conference was the best!  I’m delighted to finally sit down and tell you about my time there this year!


My soul sister, Amy Lee, of House of Wentworth and I kicked off the week with a dining experience we’ll never forget!  Having dinner with Adam Japko, founder of the Design Bloggers Conference and writer of WineZag wine blog, is always a treat, but this time it was extra special!  We were joined by one of the speakers at the conference, Richard Auffrey, The Passionate Foodie, who happens to be a Certified Sake Professional…a dream dinner companion when you’re headed to LA’s hottest Japanese restaurant, n/naka.


I knew when we walked in the door and Richard started speaking Japanese to the waitstaff that we were in for a treat!  We enjoyed a 3.5 hour tasting menu that was visually stimulating and full of taste and texture combinations. Simply splendid!  A night to remember, for sure!

Find Richard’s review of the night here.


OK…enough about food…I’m suppose to be telling you about the Design Bloggers Conference, right?  *focus*

Oh, shoot…One more diversion…

Before the conference kicked off, I paid a visit to the flea market on Melrose with Kim Turner of Dwell With Dignity.  This year I went more to people-watch than purchase and I wasn’t disappointed.


This year’s conference kicked off at HD Buttercup, LA’s brick and mortar emporium full of goodies from around the globe…both modern and classic…all displayed in the old Helm’s Bakery building.  As wonderful as HD Buttercup’s collections are, we were all distracted by reuniting with friends that we had met at past DBC gatherings or were meeting for the first time, yet virtually visit daily on their blogs.  Imagine the chatter!

HD Buttercup-LA-The-Hidden-List

For the next two days we heard from some of the world’s most admired design industry influencers, social media experts, world-reknown bloggers, prominent published designers and editor in cheif’s of some of the nation’s most read magazines.  The biggest highlight was seeing my precious friend, Amy, share of her recent success in seeing her chair designs come to fruition through her collaboration with Plexi-Craft.  Find out more info about these beautiful chairs here.



Look what happened for two days during the conference on Twitter!  #DBC2013 trended No. 1!  Very cool, no?


I’ll never forget the words that flowed from Barbara Barry , one of my favorite speaker, as we all sat mesmerized by her melodious voice and inspiring thoughts on beauty.  There’s no doubt that she has us all viewing the world in a different way…


image via

Amy and I had lunch at The Ivy after the conference was over and Barbara’s influence had me finding beauty in the seeds and grain of the roll on my plate…bread-seeds-the-ivy-The-Hidden-List

…and finding much more vibrance in the roses on the table…  Thank you Barbara!


Another highlight was having the privilege to meet Grammy winner, Patti Austin.  I have such fond memories of listening to her music as a teenager and young adult.  She has one of those voices that causes rememberance to resurface and sends chills down your spine.


I was delighted to find that her gorgeous voice is second to her warm spirit and generous heart as I learned of her non-profit, Over My Shoulder Foundation.  Founded by Patti and Dawn Carroll, lyricist and Executive Director of OMSF, their mission is to promote mentoring and “mentorology” (the art and science of mentoring) through music and design.  Find out more about this non-profit here and see the video she shared of a 2011 performance of Dawn’s song performed at a Martin Luther King Celebration in Boston.  Warning:  Could induce goosebumps!

It was a trip to remember.  New friendships formed…reunions happened…and inspiration flourished…


I now have a new soul-sister…Irene Turner.  What a delight to give her a physical hug instead of communicating online!


We adore Andrew Joseph


and fellow-Texan, Clinton Smith, Editor of Atlanta Home and Lifestyle mag.



(l to r) Mitzi Beach, me, Amy Lambert Lee, Elle Cole, Shelly Mabry Rosenburg

The connections are strong at DBC and I’m so thankful that I was able to go back for the 3rd time!  Next year we all head to Atlanta and I can’t wait to see what is in store!


This photo kind-of sums up the week…  As we were leaving a fabulous party at the Harbinger showroom in West Hollywood we requested the photography skills of Bethanne Matari, PR Maven at Currey & Company, to get a party pic of Amy, Stacy Kunstel of Dunes and Duchess and this was the result.  Complete and utter BLISS!