Carried Away!

July 12th, 2013

I’ve really gotten lazy about carrying my good Nikon camera lately.  I’m an admitted iphone camera app junky, so why schlep around the heavy camera in the awkward camera case?

Well…the looks of this camera case could have me taking my Nikon out on a daily basis… just to showcase this good-looking Bowery bag from Ona!





This Italian-tanned leather case is exactly what I would want if I designed my own!  It’s stylish and versatile…full of compartments to store an extra lens and all of the little extras you need on a day of shooting!  The bag means business!


bowery_antique_cognac_lifestyle1_thehiddenlist bowery_antique_cognac_lifestyle4_3


Find all of the details about this versatile bag here.


What Gives? – Wedding Gift Ideas

April 17th, 2013

We’re fast approaching wedding season and that means putting on our “creative thinking hats” and coming up with a great gift for the bride and groom!

Here are a few suggestions in hopes that I can make it a bit easier on you!


All couples receive salt and pepper shakers, but not salt and pepper bowls!  There’s something that feels good when you reach into a bowl with your finger tips, pinch a little salt and pepper and sprinkle it on your food or dish while cooking.


Paulova Ceramics, located in Portalnd (one of my very favorite cities), creates these sweet bowls with beautiful colors inside them.  See all of the colors here.  I think these are special enough by themselves, but if you want to take it a step further, add a flavored salt or special ground pepper to the gift!


Paulova makes gift giving even easier by offering a special gift box for an additional $4.


I recently helped host a shower and this great-looking personalized acrylic tray is what we gave the future bride and groom.


We chose to put the couple’s future last name on the tray and used it on the serving table with a few cocktail napkins and a set of 4 wine glasses so they’ll be ready to entertain after the wedding!


Meagan and Blake loved seeing their name on something, so this was a big hit!  Find this tray and other monogramed goodies at Mad for Monogram’s shop here.


I think I’ve featured this adorable pillow in a post, but it’s still one of my favs.  You don’t need to be approaching marriage for this pillow; you just need to be in love.  My best friend in Houston ordered one of these with her and her husband’s name inside the heart and it sits on the couch in the den.  I love these little pillows for a wedding gift and at $35 it’s a score for anyone’s budget!  Find them in Cozy Blue’s shop here.

I hope that helped!  Do you have a special wedding gift that you like to give?  Please share it with me so I can share with all of THL’s readers!

Egg-straordinary: Easter egg decorating

March 26th, 2013

Have you ever wondered why we decorate eggs for Easter?  Well, I’m not sure why I’ve never thought about this, but I decided to look into it…


I discovered that it’s a symbol of “New Life”!  I’m not sure why I never thought about this before!  Growing up in a Christian home, I knew that Easter was about celebrating Christ’s resurrection and just thought of the Easter bunny as the “Santa” of Easter…  I never thought about the reason behind the tradition of Easter eggs…


In Christianity, the egg symbolizes the empty tomb of Jesus.  The egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb…a bird hatches from it with life!  Similarly the Easter egg is a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave and that those who believe will experience eternal life.


I hope that this will cause you to look at the time you put into making your eggs beautiful a bit differently!






via (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)

Do you make beautiful Easter Eggs?  Please send me pics of your eggs so I can share them with THL readers! What are your favorite Easter traditions?

I Like It A Latte! – latte art

March 22nd, 2013

There’s just nothing better than sharing a latte with your besties and when you get a talented barista that makes your latte a sip-able work of art, it’s even more special!


Please allow me to brag and tell you that I’ve mastered the ability to stir and sip my latte while keeping the foamy design in tact  throughout the entire drinking experience…*curtsy*… so perhaps I’ll share my technique via video soon!

My favorite local spot to grab a latte is Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District.  This laid-back restaurant has all of the things that make brunch a favorite part of my weekend…a patio, exceptional lattes, migas, asiago cheese grits and plenty of hipsters and dogs to keep your view interesting.  Grab your sunnies and join in the fun!


I’ve recently heard about a barista in Fort Worth that makes fun latte art and I’m ready to make a special trip to try it!  These designs are done by Coffee Katie at Caffe di Angeli.  It’s interesting that they don’t have anything on their website or FB page about these artistic lattes, but Coffee Katie has quiet a gallery here of her work at the cafe.


How much fun is this grumpy cat?!  Coffee Katie, I’m heading west to check out your brew soon!

Where is your favorite place to grab a latte?  What would you want to see on your latte?  Have you mastered the stir and sip without destroying the design?

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Rocking My World!

March 4th, 2013


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there’s such a thing as a “sexy rocker”, this has got to be it!




Savannah Rocker III, $6,995

Run For Cuff-Her!

March 1st, 2013

This Texas girl is crazy in love with these leather cuffs from Karen Kell!





This boho arm candy

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is sold at Free People for $93.  You can get them here for $58!


Stack ‘em up when you’re feeling like you have that extra ounce of bad a**!



These cuffs are meant to be worn loud and proud!  I’m up for the challenge!  And you?


Cut It Out: Made by Joel printable

February 27th, 2013

I have a new crush and his name is Joel!

Made by Joel-the-hidden-list

Joel makes all kinds of beautiful arts,crafts and education products for

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children and their care-givers.  Isn’t that lovely?

Made by Joel

He’s even shared many of his things in a book that you can find here and on his website here.



He recently shared this adorable printable on Valentines Day that I think is great any time of the year.  It’s always a good time for Paris, right?

Thanks, Joel!  You make lots of people happy with your designs!


Livin' A Dream!: Leslie Williamson's new project

February 19th, 2013

When I grow up I want to have a job like Leslie Williamson.  Her book, Handcrafted Modern, features the homes of 14 modern design legends.  Now she’s working on the European version seeking backer via cialis online Kickstart.


Just imagine traveling the globe and photographing some of the most influential designers homes…  What a dream!  This book looks like another one that I will need for my design book collection.  Let’s help her make it happen!


Find out how to support Leslie’s efforts to get this book to print here.

That’s A Wrap

November 9th, 2012

Thank you for all of your well wishes after my health scare last week!  Those of you that communicate with me keep me going and encourage me to continue to bring you my favorite finds!

French pharmacy

At the top of my list of favorite links this week is a list of “must have” beauty products to grab one your new trip to the French Pharmacy…my second favorite place to shop in Paris only to the flea market!

A thank you from Marilyn…

This iPhone cover would look great on a hot guy!

macaroon linen trinket box

Oh, my!  The cutest little linen macaroon shaped trinket box ever!  I’ll take a baker’s dozen!  At $10 each, these should be found in all stocking on Christmas morning!

Have you planned your Thanksgiving table?

monogram ornament

Potterybarn inspired monogram ornament DIY


I want a bowl full of these little yarn ball bookmarks!  Let’s make some together!

Let sleeping dogs lie on the cutest dog portrait pillows ever!

This sliced applesauce in the slow cooker recipe sounds perfect for a fall weekend!

Happy Friday, ya’ll!  Who’s starting to think about holiday cooking?  I would love to hear about your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or recipe! Let’s share!

XO!  Kel

Blown Out Of Proportion!

October 17th, 2012

Designeditor‘s idea of blowing up black and white prints is genius!

blown up free prints of vintage cameras

image via 

Simply chose a favorite print…save it to a disk…take it into your closest print/copy shop and ask for an engineering print… and Viola!  You have a graphic piece of art, ready to frame, that cost less than your daily cup of Starbucks!

Get your free download of this Seagull or a brownie camera here and don’t miss her suggestions for great things to snap and blow up!

Here are a few other examples of prints that have been enlarged on engineering paper…

picture blown up on engineering paper and framed


engineering prints from photos


over sized prints


I’m anxious to experiment with Instagram prints and old vintage family photos!  What would you like to blow up?

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