Road Trippin’ – Texas Antique Week Adventure

Don’t you love making memories?  I sure enjoyed making one last Monday when I did a day trip…that’s right, 8 hours round trip… to Round Top for Texas Antique Week with two of my favorite people…two of my three Stash partners, Gloria and Dana.  We missed Lisa, but understood that attending the Country Music Awards trumped a trip to our favorite flea market this time!


I couldn’t bear missing the opportunity to have lunch with Bud Royer, eat some pie and get filled with inspiration from Carley Seale, owner of Dallas’ The Gypsy Wagon at Dallas Market Center’s Private Bloggers Luncheon.  My friends, Dana Pugh of Tattered Style and Gloria Burson of A Modern Glo, spent the night with me on Sunday night so we could head out early to be there in time for this event.


I did a horrible job of taking pictures during the luncheon because I was so mesmerized with all of the beautiful pictures that Carley shared of her home, and a couple of her friends and family’s homes, that are filled with wonderful bits from Round Top…each having their own story.

After lunch we were ready to hit the fields to see what kinds of treasures we could find…


My favorite find of the day was this precious pointer trophy that will forever remind me of my sweet Princess that I lost recently.  I plan to frame one of my favorite pictures of her and I think this should sit somewhere near.  What a treat for $5!  Find similar on Ebay here.


My other purchase of the day was this $8 vintage Pyrex glass beaker.  I have a set of three that I purchased a few years ago at Anthrolpologie and they are perfect for fresh cut flowers!  This tiny 125 ml version will act as a bud vase to use on the bedside table in my guest room the next time I have overnight visitors!  You can find a similar beaker on Etsy here.

I was blown away by a “first time vendor” seen beside Zapp Hall, REVELation Decor ,out of Belton, TX.


This couple’s eye for color and ombre paint effect is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I’m quiet confident we’ll be seeing lots more of them!  The painting technique looks like lacquer, but it’s not!  (I won’t give away their secret!)  These are such fun “statement pieces”!  Please try to contain yourself and not fill your house full of them!  One room can only handle so much vibrance!  That’s why they call them statement pieces…You only need one per room!



Before heading to our event at 7pm, Gloria shared Festival Hill with Dana and I.  OhhEmmGee!  I felt like I had been magically transported to a European cottage…but the reality was that it was a minute off of the road in Round Top!


I had no idea that students from conservatories and universities from around the world pursue their musical studies at this beautiful place in Round Top under the guidance of an impressive international faculty.  Who knew?  Read the rich history of this beautiful institute here.  It’s at the top of my list of places to stay in the near future!





We ended the long day with an event in Round Top presented by our friends at Dallas Market Center.  There was food (including lots of Royers pie), drink and an impressive fashion show from Rodeo Royalty.  Adorable boho fashion…Texas style!  Follow them on FB here.


In true Stash Girl style, we shut the party down and headed back to Dallas around 10pm.  We were exhausted when we got home very early in the morning, but it was so worth the memories!

Did you make it to Round Top this Spring?  What was your favorite find?  How do you incorporate your finds into your home?

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  • Corinna

    Looks like so much fun! I have to go next year….