You all know, I’m all about keeping it simple. Here are a few easy holiday ideas that I think fall into the exceptional and easy category!

olive christmas wreath

Rosemary wreath with olives, mozzarella balls and peppers! via

snowman baby for Christmas

Is this not the cutest Christmas baby pic you’ve ever seen? The hardest thing to put this together would be finding a top hat to fit a baby. I’ve found some here. via

clothespin snowflake DIY

Anyone can do this easy DIY using a few clothespins! Use these snowflakes on packages and your tree! Add glitter for a pretty shimmer!

hot chocolate stirrers

Find these red and white drinking straws here and find out how to put these hot chocolate stirrers here!

christmas card or vintage photo display

Simply beautiful way to display Christmas cards or old family photos of Christmas past…

peppermint in silver

Keeping peppermint readily available to stir your coffee or cocoa looks beautiful in a few silver,

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or pewter, containers and placed on a tray.

candles in epson salt and mason jars

Epsom salt, a candle and a Mason jar… welcome your guest by lining these on the path to your front door or down the center of your dinner table on top of craft paper…

cream cheese appetizer, Christmas tree

Cut a cube of Phil. cream cheese at a diagonally and arrange on a plate to form a triangle. Add your favorite preserves or marmalade…(I prefer jalapeno jelly!) and garnish! Serve with your favorite crackers. via

For more Christmas ideas check out my Pinterest board here.

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