Bless Your Heart!

Recently I shared with you about my diagnosis of congestive heart failure and the warning signs that we all need to know about!  I have received so many well wishes and emails related to this topic that have warmed my “slightly weak” heart.  Thank you so much!

mitzi blog

One of the many precious friends I’ve met through the Design Bloggers Conference in LA is Mitzi Beach.  As I’m writing to tell you

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about Mitzi, my mind is flooded with adjectives!  She is beautiful, vivacious, stylish, inspiring, talented…oh, I could go on forever, but I’ll let you see for yourself!  Find her blog here.

mitzo cooking blog

I was honored when she used me as an example in a recent blog post about the importance of eating healthy this Thanksgiving.  Get her free download, Holiday Deliciousness, a 10-page guide to creating two delicious holiday meals!  Soon she’ll be inviting you into her beautiful home to virtually cook these meals in the coming weeks through her videos she calls “vlogs”.

Do you have a recipe that you have tweaked to make more healthy?  I would love to share it with everyone, so please send it my way!  Don’t miss Mitzi’s recipes!

XO to Mitzi!!

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