Better Than The Alternative

Today I’m another year older…and as my mother always reminds me, “It’s better than the alternative…”

I would agree!

birthday cupcake

Last weekend I had some of my very best friends in town and they surprised me with a little celebration.  We had dinner on Saturday night and all shared an impromptu chocolate sack with a candle on top.  Delicious!

Eno's pizza girl party

My precious friend, Mary Charles, (much to my objection) asked that everyone participate in their family tradition and go around the table and share what the birthday girl means to them.  I wanted to crawl under the table…I’m the one who’s suppose to honor my friends…not the other way around!!  But I bit my lip and listened to my precious friends words.  As uncomfortable as it was, it was the most precious gift anyone could have ever given me.  It just drove home what I already know…my greatest blessings in life are my friends.

birthday celebration, sparklers

So today…I’m embracing that I’m blessed with another year…Happy Birthday to me!

Do you have birthday traditions?  What’s your favorite way to honor your friends?  If you had one wish for your birthday, what would it be?

Tomorrow I’ll have my regular “That’s A Wrap” post!

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  • 13threads

    Wishing you many happy returns.
    Lois x

  • Kelley McCarter Copeland

    Oh sweet Lois! Thank you so much!

  • THE Bombshell*

    Happy Birthday! What I fun birthday tradition! I think I’ll start that in my little family….

    (My mom says the exact same thing to me on my birthday! lol Ever since I started trippin’ about being in my 30′s….two years ago.) :-P

  • Kelley McCarter Copeland

    I think your mom and my mother are very wise! Thanks for the bday wish! XO!

  • Krissy Comer

    Happy Birthday Kelley! You are a blessing!

  • Kelley McCarter Copeland

    Oh, wow, Krissy! How sweet! You are a blessing in my life, as well! XO!

  • Mommy Chic

    Happy birthday!!! I love your family’s birthday tradition.