Hip Zip

For years I’ve used regular zip-lock bags for all of my cosmetics when I travel. It’s truly the best thing to use to ensure that you won’t open up your suitcase to lotion or shampoo covered clothes. But let’s face it…they’re clear and ugly.

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That’s why I’m so excited to find these…


tili zip lock bags



tili zip lock bags



Tili (an acronym for “take it or leave it”) bags are FDA approved, PABA-free, re-usable and come in two sizes. Each box contains 12 bags of chic and colorful bags. Winner!

tili bags

Get your Tili bags here.

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  • Dana Pugh

    OMG ~ I’m on a weekend getaway and just stashed all my loose cosmetics in a big ole Ziploc bag ~ not very pretty. Wish I had known about these ~ I’ll be purchasing some for my next trip. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Sharonmankin

    These are SUPER COOL!! They’re pretty enough for using as a goodie bag or party favor. Even wrapping a gift! Love them….

  • Cathy Hooper

    Love these! Maybe a bit pricey for sack lunches, but I can think of lots of other uses.

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