Take Me To The River…

The uber creative Amy Butler just released her second series of knit projects for Rowan.  As a knitter, this is like the best of two worlds colliding!

Rowan’s scrumptious Belle organic yarns provide the perfect hues for Amy’s creative knit and crochet patterns in this collection.

These open and translucent designs were inspired from Amy’s experiences spending so much time in the woods near rivers during her youth.  They display the feelings that she gets and patterns that she sees in the woods.

I would love to hear from my readers that are chicks (or dudes) with sticks!  (That’s knitting needles for all of you non-knitters out there…) What do you think about this collection?  What’s your favorite yarn and pattern?  Have you recently produced a project that you would like to share?  Let me hear from you!

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