It’s hard to believe that these days you get can something for nothing!  Here’s 4 sites to search for free treasures…

Freecycle is all about finding new homes for things that people are ready to toss.  There are local groups across the nation that are dedicated to keeping perfectly used items out of landfills.  New items are posted often.

You’ll find many items on Craigslist (very much like the classified ads) including free stuff.  Look under the For Sale section and click “free”.  Everything from furniture to concrete blocks!

Were you aware of Ebay’s classified section?  Looks under the “Free Stuff” category and you’ll find lots of stuff including pets.  You can also place a classified ad here if you’re looking for something specific.

FreeNapkin is much like the other “classified ads” sites except everything MUST be free here.  In Texas I spotted lots of Ikea furniture and even a Microfiche reader.  Wow!  That’s gotta be an antique!

What’s the best bargain you’ve ever found on one of these sites?

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